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"./configure --help" output

1Usage: ./configure [OPTIONS]...
4  -h, --help             display this help and exit
6Installation directories:
7  --prefix=DIR           prefix directory for installation [/usr/local]
8  --bindir=DIR           directory for installing binaries [PREFIX/bin]
9  --datadir=DIR          directory for installing machine independent
10                         data files (skins, etc) [PREFIX/share/mplayer]
11  --mandir=DIR           directory for installing man pages [PREFIX/share/man]
12  --confdir=DIR          directory for installing configuration files
13                         [PREFIX/etc/mplayer]
14  --libdir=DIR           directory for object code libraries [PREFIX/lib]
15  --codecsdir=DIR        directory for binary codecs [LIBDIR/codecs]
17Optional features:
18  --disable-mencoder     disable MEncoder (A/V encoder) compilation [enable]
19  --disable-mplayer      disable MPlayer compilation [enable]
20  --enable-gui           enable GMPlayer compilation (GTK+ GUI) [disable]
21  --enable-gtk1          force using GTK 1.2 for the GUI  [disable]
22  --disable-largefiles   disable support for files > 2GB [enable]
23  --enable-termcap       use termcap database for key codes [autodetect]
24  --enable-termios       use termios database for key codes [autodetect]
25  --disable-iconv        disable iconv for encoding conversion [autodetect]
26  --disable-langinfo     do not use langinfo [autodetect]
27  --enable-lirc          enable LIRC (remote control) support [autodetect]
28  --enable-lircc         enable LIRCCD (LIRC client daemon) input [autodetect]
29  --enable-joystick      enable joystick support [disable]
30  --enable-apple-remote  enable Apple Remote input (Mac OS X only) [autodetect]
31  --enable-apple-ir      enable Apple IR Remote input (Linux only) [autodetect]
32  --disable-vm           disable X video mode extensions [autodetect]
33  --disable-xf86keysym   disable support for multimedia keys [autodetect]
34  --enable-radio         enable radio interface [disable]
35  --enable-radio-capture enable radio capture (through PCI/line-in) [disable]
36  --disable-radio-v4l2   disable Video4Linux2 radio interface [autodetect]
37  --disable-radio-bsdbt848   disable BSD BT848 radio interface [autodetect]
38  --disable-tv           disable TV interface (TV/DVB grabbers) [enable]
39  --disable-tv-v4l1      disable Video4Linux TV interface [autodetect]
40  --disable-tv-v4l2      disable Video4Linux2 TV interface [autodetect]
41  --disable-tv-bsdbt848  disable BSD BT848 interface [autodetect]
42  --disable-pvr          disable Video4Linux2 MPEG PVR [autodetect]
43  --disable-rtc          disable RTC (/dev/rtc) on Linux [autodetect]
44  --disable-networking   disable networking [enable]
45  --enable-winsock2_h    enable winsock2_h [autodetect]
46  --enable-smb           enable Samba (SMB) input [autodetect]
47  --enable-live          enable LIVE555 Streaming Media [autodetect]
48  --enable-nemesi        enable Nemesi Streaming Media [autodetect]
49  --enable-librtmp       enable RTMPDump Streaming Media [autodetect]
50  --disable-vcd          disable VCD support [autodetect]
51  --disable-bluray       disable Blu-ray support [autodetect]
52  --disable-dvdnav       disable libdvdnav [autodetect]
53  --disable-dvdread      disable libdvdread [autodetect]
54  --disable-dvdread-internal  disable internal libdvdread [autodetect]
55  --disable-libdvdcss-internal  disable internal libdvdcss [autodetect]
56  --disable-cdparanoia   disable cdparanoia [autodetect]
57  --disable-cddb         disable cddb [autodetect]
58  --disable-bitmap-font  disable bitmap font support [enable]
59  --disable-freetype     disable FreeType 2 font rendering [autodetect]
60  --disable-fontconfig   disable fontconfig font lookup [autodetect]
61  --disable-unrarexec    disable using of UnRAR executable [enabled]
62  --enable-menu          enable OSD menu (not DVD menu) [disabled]
63  --disable-sortsub      disable subtitle sorting [enabled]
64  --enable-fribidi       enable the FriBiDi libs [autodetect]
65  --disable-enca         disable ENCA charset oracle library [autodetect]
66  --disable-maemo        disable maemo specific features [autodetect]
67  --enable-macosx-finder enable Mac OS X Finder invocation parameter
68                         parsing [disabled]
69  --enable-macosx-bundle enable Mac OS X bundle file locations [autodetect]
70  --disable-inet6        disable IPv6 support [autodetect]
71  --disable-gethostbyname2  gethostbyname2 part of the C library [autodetect]
72  --disable-ftp          disable FTP support [enabled]
73  --disable-vstream      disable TiVo vstream client support [autodetect]
74  --disable-pthreads     disable Posix threads support [autodetect]
75  --disable-w32threads   disable Win32 threads support [autodetect]
76  --enable-ass-internal  enable internal SSA/ASS subtitle support [autodetect]
77  --disable-ass          disable SSA/ASS subtitle support [autodetect]
78  --enable-rpath         enable runtime linker path for extra libs [disabled]
81  --enable-gif              enable GIF support [autodetect]
82  --enable-png              enable PNG input/output support [autodetect]
83  --enable-mng              enable MNG input support [autodetect]
84  --enable-jpeg             enable JPEG input/output support [autodetect]
85  --enable-libcdio          enable libcdio support [autodetect]
86  --enable-liblzo           enable liblzo support [autodetect]
87  --disable-win32dll        disable Win32 DLL support [autodetect]
88  --disable-qtx             disable QuickTime codecs support [enabled]
89  --disable-xanim           disable XAnim codecs support [enabled]
90  --disable-real            disable RealPlayer codecs support [enabled]
91  --disable-xvid            disable Xvid [autodetect]
92  --disable-xvid-lavc       disable Xvid in libavcodec [autodetect]
93  --disable-x264            disable x264 [autodetect]
94  --disable-x264-lavc       disable x264 in libavcodec [autodetect]
95  --disable-libdirac-lavc   disable Dirac in libavcodec [autodetect]
96  --disable-libschroedinger-lavc   disable Dirac in libavcodec (Schroedinger
97                                   decoder) [autodetect]
98  --disable-libvpx-lavc     disable libvpx in libavcodec [autodetect]
99  --disable-libnut          disable libnut [autodetect]
100  --disable-ffmpeg_a        disable static FFmpeg [autodetect]
101  --disable-ffmpeg_so       disable shared FFmpeg [autodetect]
102  --disable-libavcodec_mpegaudio_hp disable high precision audio decoding
103                                    in libavcodec [enabled]
104  --disable-tremor-internal disable internal Tremor [enabled]
105  --enable-tremor-low       enable lower accuracy internal Tremor [disabled]
106  --enable-tremor           enable external Tremor [autodetect]
107  --disable-libvorbis       disable libvorbis support [autodetect]
108  --disable-speex           disable Speex support [autodetect]
109  --disable-libgsm          disable libgsm support [autodetect]
110  --enable-theora           enable OggTheora libraries [autodetect]
111  --enable-faad             enable external FAAD2 (AAC) [autodetect]
112  --disable-faad-internal   disable internal FAAD2 (AAC) [autodetect]
113  --enable-faad-fixed       enable fixed-point mode in internal FAAD2 [disabled]
114  --disable-faac            disable support for FAAC (AAC encoder) [autodetect]
115  --disable-faac-lavc       disable support for FAAC in libavcodec [autodetect]
116  --disable-ladspa          disable LADSPA plugin support [autodetect]
117  --disable-libbs2b         disable libbs2b audio filter support [autodetect]
118  --disable-libdv           disable libdv 0.9.5 en/decoding support [autodetect]
119  --disable-mpg123          disable libmpg123 MP3 decoding support [autodetect]
120  --disable-mad             disable libmad (MPEG audio) support [autodetect]
121  --disable-mp3lame         disable LAME MP3 encoding support [autodetect]
122  --disable-mp3lame-lavc    disable LAME in libavcodec [autodetect]
123  --disable-toolame         disable Toolame (MPEG layer 2) encoding [autodetect]
124  --disable-twolame         disable Twolame (MPEG layer 2) encoding [autodetect]
125  --enable-xmms             enable XMMS input plugin support [disabled]
126  --enable-libdca           enable libdca support [autodetect]
127  --disable-mp3lib          disable builtin mp3lib [autodetect]
128  --disable-liba52          disable liba52 [autodetect]
129  --disable-libmpeg2        disable libmpeg2 [autodetect]
130  --disable-libmpeg2-internal disable builtin libmpeg2 [autodetect]
131  --disable-musepack        disable musepack support [autodetect]
132  --disable-libopencore_amrnb disable libopencore_amr narrowband [autodetect]
133  --disable-libopencore_amrwb disable libopencore_amr wideband [autodetect]
134  --disable-libopenjpeg     disable OpenJPEG (JPEG2000) input/output support [autodetect]
135  --disable-decoder=DECODER disable specified FFmpeg decoder
136  --enable-decoder=DECODER  enable specified FFmpeg decoder
137  --disable-encoder=ENCODER disable specified FFmpeg encoder
138  --enable-encoder=ENCODER  enable specified FFmpeg encoder
139  --disable-parser=PARSER   disable specified FFmpeg parser
140  --enable-parser=PARSER    enable specified FFmpeg parser
141  --disable-protocol=PROTO  disable specified FFmpeg protocol
142  --enable-protocol=PROTO   enable specified FFmpeg protocol
143  --disable-demuxer=DEMUXER disable specified FFmpeg demuxer
144  --enable-demuxer=DEMUXER  enable specified FFmpeg demuxer
145  --disable-muxer=MUXER     disable specified FFmpeg muxer
146  --enable-muxer=MUXER      enable specified FFmpeg muxer
148Video output:
149  --disable-vidix          disable VIDIX [for x86 *nix]
150  --with-vidix-drivers[=*] list of VIDIX drivers to be compiled in
151                           Available: cyberblade, ivtv, mach64, mga, mga_crtc2,
152                           nvidia, pm2, pm3, radeon, rage128, s3, sis, unichrome
153  --disable-vidix-pcidb    disable VIDIX PCI device name database
154  --enable-dhahelper       enable VIDIX dhahelper support
155  --enable-svgalib_helper  enable VIDIX svgalib_helper support
156  --enable-gl              enable OpenGL video output [autodetect]
157  --disable-matrixview     disable OpenGL MatrixView video output [autodetect]
158  --enable-dga2            enable DGA 2 support [autodetect]
159  --enable-dga1            enable DGA 1 support [autodetect]
160  --enable-vesa            enable VESA video output [autodetect]
161  --enable-svga            enable SVGAlib video output [autodetect]
162  --enable-sdl             enable SDL video output [autodetect]
163  --enable-kva             enable KVA video output [autodetect]
164  --enable-aa              enable AAlib video output [autodetect]
165  --enable-caca            enable CACA  video output [autodetect]
166  --enable-ggi             enable GGI video output [autodetect]
167  --enable-ggiwmh          enable GGI libggiwmh extension [autodetect]
168  --enable-direct3d        enable Direct3D video output [autodetect]
169  --enable-directx         enable DirectX video output [autodetect]
170  --enable-dxr2            enable DXR2 video output [autodetect]
171  --enable-dxr3            enable DXR3/H+ video output [autodetect]
172  --enable-ivtv            enable IVTV TV-Out video output [autodetect]
173  --enable-v4l2            enable V4L2 Decoder audio/video output [autodetect]
174  --enable-dvb             enable DVB video output [autodetect]
175  --enable-mga             enable mga_vid video output [autodetect]
176  --enable-xmga            enable mga_vid X11 video output [autodetect]
177  --enable-xv              enable Xv video output [autodetect]
178  --enable-xvmc            enable XvMC acceleration [disable]
179  --enable-vdpau           enable VDPAU acceleration [autodetect]
180  --enable-vm              enable XF86VidMode support [autodetect]
181  --enable-xinerama        enable Xinerama support [autodetect]
182  --enable-x11             enable X11 video output [autodetect]
183  --enable-xshape          enable XShape support [autodetect]
184  --disable-xss            disable screensaver support via xss [autodetect]
185  --enable-fbdev           enable FBDev video output [autodetect]
186  --enable-mlib            enable mediaLib video output (Solaris) [disable]
187  --enable-3dfx            enable obsolete /dev/3dfx video output [disable]
188  --enable-tdfxfb          enable tdfxfb video output [disable]
189  --enable-s3fb            enable s3fb (S3 ViRGE) video output [disable]
190  --enable-wii             enable Nintendo Wii/GameCube video output [disable]
191  --enable-directfb        enable DirectFB video output [autodetect]
192  --enable-zr              enable ZR360[56]7/ZR36060 video output [autodetect]
193  --enable-bl              enable Blinkenlights video output [disable]
194  --enable-tdfxvid         enable tdfx_vid video output [disable]
195  --enable-xvr100          enable SUN XVR-100 video output [autodetect]
196  --disable-tga            disable Targa video output [enable]
197  --disable-pnm            disable PNM video output [enable]
198  --disable-md5sum         disable md5sum video output [enable]
199  --disable-yuv4mpeg       disable yuv4mpeg video output [enable]
200  --disable-corevideo      disable CoreVideo video output [autodetect]
201  --disable-quartz         disable Quartz video output [autodetect]
203Audio output:
204  --disable-alsa         disable ALSA audio output [autodetect]
205  --disable-ossaudio     disable OSS audio output [autodetect]
206  --disable-arts         disable aRts audio output [autodetect]
207  --disable-esd          disable esd audio output [autodetect]
208  --disable-pulse        disable Pulseaudio audio output [autodetect]
209  --disable-jack         disable JACK audio output [autodetect]
210  --disable-openal       disable OpenAL audio output [autodetect]
211  --disable-nas          disable NAS audio output [autodetect]
212  --disable-sgiaudio     disable SGI audio output [autodetect]
213  --disable-sunaudio     disable Sun audio output [autodetect]
214  --disable-kai          disable KAI audio output [autodetect]
215  --disable-dart         disable DART audio output [autodetect]
216  --disable-win32waveout disable Windows waveout audio output [autodetect]
217  --disable-coreaudio    disable CoreAudio audio output [autodetect]
218  --disable-select       disable using select() on the audio device [enable]
220Language options:
221  --charset=charset      convert the console messages to this character set
222  --language-doc=lang    language to use for the documentation [en]
223  --language-man=lang    language to use for the man pages [en]
224  --language-msg=lang    language to use for the messages and the GUI [en]
225  --language=lang        default language to use [en]
226Specific options override --language. You can pass a list of languages separated
227by whitespace or commas instead of a single language. Nonexisting translations
228will be dropped from each list. All documentation and man page translations
229available in the list will be installed, for the messages the first available
230translation will be used. The value "all" will activate all translations. The
231LINGUAS environment variable is honored. In all cases the fallback is English.
232Available values are: all bg cs de dk el en es fr hu it ja ko mk nb nl pl ro ru sk sv tr uk pt_BR zh_CN zh_TW
234Miscellaneous options:
235  --enable-runtime-cpudetection    enable runtime CPU detection [disable]
236  --enable-cross-compile enable cross-compilation [autodetect]
237  --cc=COMPILER          C compiler to build MPlayer [gcc]
238  --host-cc=COMPILER     C compiler for tools needed while building [gcc]
239  --as=ASSEMBLER         assembler to build MPlayer [as]
240  --nm=NM                nm tool to build MPlayer [nm]
241  --yasm=YASM            Yasm assembler to build MPlayer [yasm]
242  --ar=AR                librarian to build MPlayer [ar]
243  --ranlib=RANLIB        ranlib to build MPlayer [ranlib]
244  --windres=WINDRES      windres to build MPlayer [windres]
245  --target=PLATFORM      target platform (i386-linux, arm-linux, etc)
246  --enable-static        build a statically linked binary
247  --with-install=PATH    path to a custom install program
249Advanced options:
250  --enable-mmx              enable MMX [autodetect]
251  --enable-mmxext           enable MMX2 (Pentium III, Athlon) [autodetect]
252  --enable-3dnow            enable 3DNow! [autodetect]
253  --enable-3dnowext         enable extended 3DNow! [autodetect]
254  --enable-sse              enable SSE [autodetect]
255  --enable-sse2             enable SSE2 [autodetect]
256  --enable-ssse3            enable SSSE3 [autodetect]
257  --enable-shm              enable shm [autodetect]
258  --enable-altivec          enable AltiVec (PowerPC) [autodetect]
259  --enable-armv5te          enable DSP extensions (ARM) [autodetect]
260  --enable-armv6            enable ARMv6 (ARM) [autodetect]
261  --enable-armv6t2          enable ARMv6t2 (ARM) [autodetect]
262  --enable-armvfp           enable ARM VFP (ARM) [autodetect]
263  --enable-neon             enable NEON (ARM) [autodetect]
264  --enable-iwmmxt           enable iWMMXt (ARM) [autodetect]
265  --disable-fastmemcpy      disable 3DNow!/SSE/MMX optimized memcpy [enable]
266  --enable-hardcoded-tables put tables in binary instead of calculating them at startup [disable]
267  --enable-big-endian       force byte order to big-endian [autodetect]
268  --enable-debug[=1-3]      compile-in debugging information [disable]
269  --enable-profile          compile-in profiling information [disable]
270  --disable-sighandler      disable sighandler for crashes [enable]
271  --enable-crash-debug      enable automatic gdb attach on crash [disable]
272  --enable-dynamic-plugins  enable dynamic A/V plugins [disable]
274Use these options if autodetection fails:
275  --extra-cflags=FLAGS        extra CFLAGS
276  --extra-ldflags=FLAGS       extra LDFLAGS
277  --extra-libs=FLAGS          extra linker flags
278  --extra-libs-mplayer=FLAGS  extra linker flags for MPlayer
279  --extra-libs-mencoder=FLAGS extra linker flags for MEncoder
280  --with-xvmclib=NAME         adapter-specific library name (e.g. XvMCNVIDIA)
282  --with-freetype-config=PATH path to freetype-config
283  --with-glib-config=PATH     path to glib*-config
284  --with-gtk-config=PATH      path to gtk*-config
285  --with-sdl-config=PATH      path to sdl*-config
286  --with-dvdnav-config=PATH   path to dvdnav-config
287  --with-dvdread-config=PATH  path to dvdread-config
289This configure script is NOT autoconf-based, even though its output is similar.
290It will try to autodetect all configuration options. If you --enable an option
291it will be forcefully turned on, skipping autodetection. This can break
292compilation, so you need to know what you are doing.