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#705 endpos does not work with mplayer on 'live' streams new reimar defect normal streaming
#921 ovc vfw ignores -ffourcc new reimar defect normal ve
#1970 Mencoder not converting wmv to flv new reimar defect normal mencoder
#2211 Key for Loop new beastd enhancement normal undetermined
#2290 -sub-demuxer help reports file type demuxers not subtitle demuxers new beastd defect normal DOCS
#2174 mencoder reports malformed audio position of tv recording when no audio new defect low mencoder
#2261 apply af_ambisonic new beastd enhancement low af
#2307 extend profile feature with libavformat or with audio only files new beastd enhancement lowest undetermined
#2313 -bandwidth: Don't you mean <Bytes/second>? new beastd defect lowest docs
#703 returning from fullscreen in Vista gl/gl2 new reimar defect unimportant vo
#1287 old realaudio file with no fourcc. new reimar defect if idle demuxer
#1510 Add newline to error messages new reimar defect unimportant core
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