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#282 -vo yuv4mpeg prepends green frame new reimar defect normal vo
#316 Using mplayer DirectFB output on ppc with radeonfb produces strange video output new reimar defect normal vo
#320 STDIN REDIRECTION NOT WORKING UNDER WINDOWS 98SE new reimar defect normal core
#340 OSD font aspect ratio new reimar enhancement normal vo
#466 [PATCH] fix -subcc for TiVo streams new moritz@… defect normal demuxer
#503 mplayer gets confused when playing avi from web and getting the whole file in response to a "Range" request. new reimar defect normal demuxer
#504 XVid encoder ignores the -passlogfile option (always uses xvid-twopass.stats) new reimar defect normal ve
#818 Cannot switch audio channels with -af pan enabled new reynaldo@… defect normal af
#475 nroff cannot handle man page, out of temp file space assigned diego@… defect unimportant DOCS
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