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#2229 -stop-xscreensaver should enable the screensaver when in paused state beastd enhancement normal undetermined 1.1
#2282 Mesa: User error: GL_INVALID_ENUM in glTexParameter beastd defect normal undetermined 1.3
#2326 Null dereference in demux_rawdv_fill_buffer beastd defect normal demuxer 1.3
#2168 Doesn't build for sparc arch reimar defect normal build system HEAD
#2179 high bit depth rawvideo not supported for standard output defect normal mencoder HEAD
#2260 Reads out-of-bound in asf_mmst_streaming_start and http_build_request beastd defect normal streaming HEAD
#2319 mencoder crashes while attempting multithreaded encode via lavc codecs beastd defect normal mencoder HEAD
#2325 MPlayer doesn't auto load subtitles with unicode filenames beastd defect normal undetermined HEAD
#2328 HLS m3u8 streams keep freezing hiccup at new segments reimar defect normal undetermined HEAD
#2252 Codec support request: Add support for Wing Commander Privateer Audio format beastd enhancement normal undetermined unspecified
#2299 Slave command "run" (MP_CMD_RUN) not implemented for MingW beastd defect normal undetermined unspecified
#2306 Deleting playing files beastd enhancement normal core unspecified
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