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mplayer crashes xorg - ati kmod-catalyst

Reported by: trekker92@… Owned by: reimar
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Version: unspecified Severity: major
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when i launch a media with mplayer (xine, dragonplayer..) it crash xorg and session :

fedora 16 x64, kde/lxde/openbox, kmod-catalyst, hp pavilion dv7, amd zm82, 4gb ddr2, ati radeon hd4530 512mb ddr3.

don't crash with vlc

mplayer: Symbol `ff_codec_wav_tags' has different size in shared object, consider re-linking
MPlayer SVN-r33996-4.6.1 (C) 2000-2011 MPlayer Team
mplayer: could not connect to socket
mplayer: No such file or directory
Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control.

Playing /home/harold/avion-train-atterrissage-avant-coince.mp4.
libavformat file format detected.
[lavf] stream 0: video (h264), -vid 0
[lavf] stream 1: audio (aac), -aid 0, -alang und
VIDEO: [H264] 640x360 24bpp 23.976 fps 363.9 kbps (44.4 kbyte/s)
Clip info:

major_brand: mp42
minor_version: 0
compatible_brands: isommp42
creation_time: 2011-10-24 00:00:05

Load subtitles in /home/harold/
vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!
vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!
vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!
vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!
VO XOverlay need a subdriver
[VO_SDL] SDL initialization failed: No available video device.
vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!
vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!
Can't open /dev/fb0: No such device
[fbdev2] Can't open /dev/fb0: No such device
vo: couldn't open the X11 display ()!
VO: [aa] cannot open /dev/vcsa00 for writing,so we'll not use linux driver
Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
Selected video codec: [ffh264] vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg H.264)
Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders
AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 96.0 kbit/6.80% (ratio: 12003->176400)
Selected audio codec: [ffaac] afm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg AAC (MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Audio))
AO: [pulse] 44100Hz 2ch s16le (2 bytes per sample)
Starting playback...
Movie-Aspect is undefined - no prescaling applied.
VO: [aa] 640x360 => 640x360 Planar YV12
[swscaler @ 0x3cb5839040]BICUBIC scaler, from yuv420p to gray using MMX2

Important suboptions

extended use use all 256 characters

eight use eight bit ascii

driver set recommended aalib driver (X11,curses,linux)

help to see all options provided by aalib

AA-MPlayer Keys

1 : contrast -
2 : contrast +
3 : brightness -

4 : brightness +
5 : fast rendering

6 : dithering

7 : invert image

a : toggles between aa and mplayer control

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