Feb 23, 2014:

9:35 PM Ticket #2125 (lavc audio corrupted) closed by reimar
fixed: I missed this, it should be a duplicate of #2094, which was fixed in …
9:21 PM Ticket #2127 ([with PATCH] MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: open_stream ...) closed by reimar
3:24 PM Ticket #2144 (Compiling with Live555 fails due ot Live555 API changes) closed by reimar
wontfix: The fallback to the FFmpeg implementation should be working now. …
3:20 PM Ticket #2148 (mplayer crashes when exiting fullscreen) closed by reimar
worksforme: I am using KDE myself (though the latest version) and I cannot …
3:17 PM Ticket #2149 (mp3 file crashes mplayer) closed by reimar
fixed: This has actually been fixed a long time ago in r36461, closing.
3:12 PM Ticket #2155 (Format floatle is not supported by hardware, trying default.) closed by reimar
worksforme: Can't explain why or how that would happen, never seen the issue, and …
3:07 PM Ticket #2156 (Build of MPlayer fails under OS X Mavericks (10.9)) closed by reimar
fixed: In r36903.
2:26 PM Ticket #2165 (mpls <> title mapping during 'identify') closed by reimar
fixed: Implemented in r36902
2:06 PM Ticket #2172 (dvdnav:// don't work with some dvds.) closed by reimar
fixed: Somehow I do not get email notifications, sorry for the delay. Was …
2:01 PM Ticket #2170 (Opus Audio Isn't Properly Demuxed) closed by reimar
worksforme: According to http://wiki.xiph.org/MatroskaOpus Opus in MKV is still …
1:51 PM Ticket #2166 (crash mp3lib/layer2.c:178 (SIGSEGV)) closed by reimar
duplicate: Duplicate of #2167.
1:50 PM Ticket #2167 (crash mp3lib/layer2.c:178 (SIGSEGV)) closed by reimar
wontfix: mp3lib has been disabled and since some time even removed because of …

Feb 13, 2014:

3:21 PM WikiStart edited by ib
link documentation and list pages created in the GUI and MPlayer namespaces (diff)
3:04 PM GUI TranslationStatus created by ib
3:02 PM MPlayerTranslationStatus created by ib

Jan 26, 2014:

1:49 PM Ticket #2173 (-Werror=format-security breaks the build) closed by beastd
fixed: OK, I built locally with -Werror=format-security and everything …
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