Jul 29, 2014:

3:01 AM Ticket #2191 (UT-Video 4:2:2 support fails due to FOURCC) closed by compn
fixed: damnit! ok, closing this bug. thanks for the link.

Jul 23, 2014:

3:07 AM Ticket #2199 (mplayer crashes with double free corruption when rendering overlayed text) created by unode
Summary of the bug: While playing an mkv file that at some point …

Jul 18, 2014:

5:58 PM Ticket #2198 (autosub tries to load subs from network stream) created by compn
mplayer -nocache rtmp://neganov.ru:1935/full/go MPlayer …

Jul 16, 2014:

6:33 AM Ticket #2197 (inet_aton detection and use) created by peter@…
mplayer r37239 (2014-07-13) configure doesn't detect inet_aton on …

Jul 13, 2014:

1:51 PM Ticket #2196 (specific ogg video plays in vlc/ffplay but not in mplayer (r37224)) created by Zorael
Summary of the bug: System is running Arch x86_64 with current …
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