Mar 17, 2016:

11:26 PM Ticket #2293 (Mencoder return value on exit causes problem) created by 4Selur@…
Something changed in the last month that causes Qt's QProcess to …

Mar 13, 2016:

3:58 AM Ticket #2290 (-sub-demuxer help reports file type demuxers not subtitle demuxers) created by compn
http://www1.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1.txt -sub-demuxer …

Mar 6, 2016:

3:20 PM Ticket #2196 (specific ogg video plays in vlc/ffplay but not in mplayer (r37224)) closed by reimar
wontfix: r37838 prints a warning and points out the -ni workaround. From my …
2:57 PM Ticket #2289 (-lavdopts threads option limit too small) closed by reimar
fixed: I bumped the limit to 32, but you are really in a small minority to …

Mar 5, 2016:

10:00 AM Ticket #2289 (-lavdopts threads option limit too small) created by jinxinzheng
Summary of the bug: I use mplayer to play an HEVC 10bit test video. …

Mar 2, 2016:

11:35 PM Ticket #2190 (Assertion v>0 && v<=(1 ? 32 : 16) failed at libavutil/mem.c:226) closed by reimar
fixed: It's reproducible on Linux if forcing the MEMALIGN_HACK. Fixed now, …

Feb 28, 2016:

3:55 PM Ticket #2288 (“-sub-fuzziness 1” auto-load problem with external *.idx + *.sub ...) closed by rentanadviser
fixed: OK, Thank you.
2:29 PM Ticket #2288 (“-sub-fuzziness 1” auto-load problem with external *.idx + *.sub ...) created by rentanadviser
According to the Mplayer docs, the -sub-fuzziness 1 Loads all …

Feb 26, 2016:

11:19 PM Ticket #2286 (Subtitle delay adjustment inconsistency when using the "-ass" subtitle ...) closed by reimar
fixed: Wow, thanks. I always though it was more broken than that. Should be …
1:24 AM Ticket #2262 (mjpeg: crash with fuzzed file) closed by reimar
fixed: Patch also sent to FFmpeg list. I consider this resolved from our side.
12:51 AM Ticket #2175 (mencoder with -oac mp3lame never ends after r36905) closed by reimar
fixed: Closing as it was reported as fixed.
12:50 AM Ticket #2169 (On some case Mplayer is unable to extract audio track from vob files) closed by reimar
fixed: To the best of my knowledge these (quite common) issues with vob files …

Feb 25, 2016:

11:09 PM Ticket #2236 (avi Xvid playback problem when avi was muxed by Avi-Mux Gui) closed by reimar
fixed: Seems to have been fixed, closing.
11:02 PM Ticket #2238 (DVD Nav Stream Prevents Reading Other Streams) closed by reimar
fixed: Works fine for me in MPlayer now. As mencoder cannot handle streams …
10:28 PM Ticket #2258 ('-sub <file>' not working when mkv has an embedded subtitle) closed by reimar
worksforme: I cannot reproduce this issue. Note that mplayer2 is a separate …
10:10 PM Ticket #2264 (mss2: crash with fuzzed file) closed by reimar
invalid: Patch sent to FFmpeg, but closing here as not a FFmpeg issue. My …
8:46 PM Ticket #2269 (Clip infos getting truncated at 30 characters) closed by reimar
wontfix: MPlayer supports only the older ID3 format. It has a fixed length of …
8:39 PM Ticket #2268 (Enabling OpenSSL support for https:// streams) closed by reimar
fixed: Implemented by r37743
8:25 PM Ticket #2281 (libass fails with -subcp enca: and external subtitles) closed by reimar
fixed: Was fixed by r37744
8:23 PM Ticket #2287 (MPlayer and raw video) closed by reimar
10:35 AM Ticket #2287 (MPlayer and raw video) created by matsp888
MPlayer naively assumes that 'rawvideo' raw video from libavcodec …

Feb 24, 2016:

3:04 PM Ticket #2286 (Subtitle delay adjustment inconsistency when using the "-ass" subtitle ...) created by rentanadviser
Without the -ass parameter sub_delay works as expected. …
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