Apr 11, 2017:

10:28 AM Ticket #2321 (Latest FFmpeg, build fails) created by redxii
As of current FFmpeg master …

Apr 8, 2017:

11:48 PM Ticket #2320 (Colors flickering when playing aminated gif with low amount of colors) created by Barteks2x
Summary of the bug: When playing gif with low amount of colors, there …

Apr 6, 2017:

3:15 PM Ticket #2319 (mencoder crashes while attempting multithreaded encode via lavc codecs) created by AndrewR
Summary of the bug: How to reproduce: […]
12:13 AM Ticket #2318 (Crash signal 11 in demux_open with webm/vp9) closed by beastd
fixed: Thanks again for testing quickly. Should be fixed in MPlayer SVN with …

Mar 27, 2017:

11:43 PM Ticket #2251 (mplayer seek doesn't work on h.265/mp4 videos) closed by beastd
needs_more_info: Can you still reproduce the problem? Does it only happens on that …

Mar 22, 2017:

5:40 AM Ticket #2318 (Crash signal 11 in demux_open with webm/vp9) created by redxii
MPlayer is crashing with some webm files. A sample is provided: …

Mar 13, 2017:

10:51 PM Ticket #2311 (strdup allocates without free-ing) closed by beastd
fixed: The codecpath leak should be fixed with SVN commit 37927 .
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