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inet_aton detection and use

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mplayer r37239 (2014-07-13)

configure doesn't detect inet_aton on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 trusty), because glibc only defines it if either of the cpp macros _BSD_SOURCE or _SVID_SOURCE are defined. see inet_aton(3).

Also, mplayer has one usage of inet_aton that isn't wrapped in #ifdefs, in udp_sync.c:167. It compiles, so mplayer already sets the necessary feature-test macros, it's just configure that doesn't. The other uses of inet_aton are all as a fallback for inet_pton, which configure does find.

ffmpeg has its own thing for inet_aton. It also fails to define a _BSD_SOURCE or anything else when detecting inet_aton, so it uses its fallback implementation of ff_inet_aton.

Since ffmpeg already has that, perhaps mplayer can use ff_inet_aton, unless that would require including ffmpeg headers in parts of mplayer that otherwise don't need them.

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